Pat Benatar – Seven The Hard Way 1985 CD

pat benatar seven the hard way (Medium)

Invincible (US #10/US #4 Rock/Aust #23) and Sex As A Weapon (US #5 Rock) were big FM104 rock tracks in 1985. Invincible is the lead single from her seventh studio album. The song was a huge hit, peaking at US #10 in July 1985.

Both rock tracks were on high rotation on FM104 during the year.

Le Bel Age was also released as a single.

This is the original FM104 CD ACCD 1507 Made In West Germany.




Eric Clapton – Crossroads 1988 CD

eric clapton (Medium)

After Midnight 88′ is a big FM104 rock track from 1988. It was on high rotation on FM104 during the late 80s. Crossroads (Disc 4) is part of a four disc set commemorating the music career of Eric Clapton.

After Midnight 88′ Extended Version was played on FM104 MMM during 2008-2012. This is the rare German CD Single that was loaned to MMM  for their playlist.

eric clapton (Small)