Divinyls – Desperate 1982 CD

divinyls desperate (Medium)

Science Fiction and Make U Happy are FM104 icons of rock. They were on high rotation on FM104 in 1982/3 and throughout the 80s.

Science Fiction (Aust #13) was released in November 1982.

This is the original FM104 CD 53029 (DIDZ 10207) Made In Japan. Note: No barcode.

This CD is extremely rare.


divinyls (Medium)

Divinyls – Desperate 1983 USA CD VK 41404

Boys In Town (released in September 1981) is an FM104 icon of rock. It was on high rotation on FM104 in 1982/3 and throughout the 80s.

The track listing of Desperate differed between the Australian release and the international version. Because Divinyls had already released the Monkey Grip soundtrack, which contained the songs performed in the film, in particular the single “Boys in Town”, they were not included on the original Australian release of Desperate. This meant that “Science Fiction” was released as the official lead single. On the international release of Desperate, some of the songs from the Monkey Grip soundtrack were included as official album tracks, such as “Boys in Town”, “Only Lonely”, “Only You” and “Elsie”.