The Cars – Greatest Hits 1985 CD

the cars greatest hits (Medium)


Tonight She Comes is an FM104 icon of rock. It was on high rotation on FM104 during 1985/6 and throughout the late 80s.

Tonight She Comes is a US #7/US Rock #1/Aust #16 hit single. 

All other tracks from the album were played on FM104 in the 80s.

You Might Think (US #7/US Rock #1), Magic (US #12/US Rock #1) Shake It Up ( US #4/US Rock #2/Aust #10) and Drive (US #3/UK #4//US Rock #3) were the biggest hits from the album.

This is the original FM104 CD ELECTRA 9 60464-2 Made In West Germany By Polygram. This CD Is rare.

Human League – Dare 1981 CD

human league dare (Medium)

Don’t You Want Me and Love Action (I Believe In Love) are FM104 pop/rock tracks from 1981. They were on high rotation on FM104 during the early 80s.

Don’t You Want Me is a US #1/UK #1/Aust #4 single. Love Action (I Believe In Love) is a UK #3/Aust #12 single.

We Are The World – USA For Africa CD 1985

we are the world (Medium)




We Are The World is an FM104 rock song from Supergroup USA For Africa in 1985. It brought together some of the most popular artists in the World at the time including Bruce Springsteen, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Ritchie, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Steve Perry, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Don Henley, Huey Lewis and Daryl Hall.

We Are The World is a US #1/UK #1/Aust #1 single. It was number one in many other Countries.

FM104 played the full 7.15 min version.