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  1. hi guys, this is a very long shot and from the early days of the station. I visited Oz in 1985, brisbane and surrounding area. I went to a music event in the middle of brisbane and got a poster (A1 size) given to me by a promo team, I assume it was done by a local artist, but it was basically a promo poster with caricatures of every rock star of the day all over it- bowie, jimmy barnes, midnight oil, inxs, jagger, acdc, zep etc.
    it was a fantastic piece of artwork, and i had it for a long time, but i think its gone as a result of a clear out recently.
    do you know of this, or have any links to it?

  2. I am trying to get in contact with Phil Moroney, He was on FM104 for a while but I have lost track of him.
    could someone help please.

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