Notable FM104 Announcers & Djs

Andrew Kilpatrick 1985-6,

Barry Drinkwater,

Bill Heally (Breakfast),

Bill Riner, 1980-90, (Program Director 1982-90),

“BBQ” Bob Gallagher,

Colin Mooney,

Dave Carlson 1987-90,

David Kersten,

Jeff Truscott 1981-91,

Phil Moroney,

Rex Morris,

Rob Tesoriero,

Rod Lockington,

Rod “Mr. T” Tiley (Breakfast),

Ted Seymour, (Original Program Director – Station Manager),

Terry Anthony,






4 thoughts on “Notable FM104 Announcers & Djs

  1. Good evening. Bringing back some great memories after finding your website. Sat for many hours in the early eighties onwards listening to y our programming. Wanting to know who the deep voiced announcer was who usually did the late shows during the weeks, including the album hour? Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi
      In the early 80s it was Bill Riner 6pm – 10pm and later on David Kersten who did the album hour. There were others though, like Andrew Kilpatrick who did the late shift in the mid 80s. Thanks for your thumbs up!

      As a matter of interest, MMM Brisbane are doing the Cold 30 weeknights at 7pm from the 80s and they have the new FM104 lunchbox at noon each workday….

  2. Really good site and a tribute to a great Brisbane Rock Station, made even greater by a band of awesome and loyal listeners who even in 2015 are still loyal to what we were-congratulations, even bought back some great memories of those carefree days!!! And the best A.O.R. Music on the radio!!! ” You can believe your ears!!!” Ted

    1. Hi Ted Thanks for the kind compliments, I loved everything about FM104, from the DJs who were laid back and unobtrusive to the great rock in real stereo on Brisbane’s home of rock and roll, the weekends where you actually had music on the radio instead of sports commentary, the great radio serials like ‘How Green was my Cactus’, Barry’s lunchbox at midday, Two for Tuesday’s and the commercial free cruising hour. It’s been fun doing this, I don’t think anyone else has a website dedicated to the AOR playlist from a radio station, and a great one at that.
      Keep your eye on the ball!!

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